LCB-L Solar Self-Powered
Solar Cell(Power) Mono-crystalline.
Battery Pb Battery 8 Year Replaceable.
Flash Rhythm Fixed.
Characteristic   256 kinds regulations in line with IALA characteristic options can be selected, via the infrared remote control adjustmemt
Daylight Switch Turns On Automatically at Dusk and Off at Dawn.
Environmental Temperature -40°C ~ +60°C
Work days FL 4.0s 0.5. On the rainy days. it could still work almost seven days.(without the solar cell)
Horizontal divergence 360°
Vertical Divergence
Colours Availabl Red,White,Green
LIDAR distance T=0.74White 8nm Red.Green 6nm
Lamp shades material Made by PC(Polycarbonate). through UV protective treatment to prevent cracking.
Material Construction Aluminum
LED Lifespan LED lifespan reach over 100000 hours
Ingress Protection Rating IP68
Synchronize Flash GPS
Telemetering and remote control GSM(standard equipment)
OLED monitor Via the infrared remote control to operate the following features:
Displays current characteristics,256 characteristics can be selected,
The current battery voltage, Charge and dis charge record, A point to B point GPS
Navigation feature, Sync flash function on and off.